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 From humble beginnings to inspiring success stories, the Mississippi Gulf
Coast Community College (MGCCC) Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for students pursuing higher education. With an unwavering commitment to the well- being and academic growth of a diverse student body, the Foundation empowers every aspiring scholar to reach for the stars.
Addressing the heart of their mission, the Foundation extends a lifeline to students facing financial uncertainty. While 61 percent of MGCCC students are eligible for financial aid, a staggering 39 percent grapple with handling college expenses alone. The MGCCC Foundation steps in to provide vital support, tackling challenges such as tuition costs, transportation, daycare, living expenses, school supplies, and textbooks.
In the 2023 fiscal year, the Foundation reached new heights, awarding nearly half a million dollars in scholarships. Ranging from modest grants to offset textbook costs to life-changing full-tuition scholarships, the Foundation’s impact extends to on- campus food pantries and clothing closets, ensuring no student goes hungry or lacks essential clothing.
Central to their mission is the Annual Scholarship Gala, a formal event held each spring. In 2023, the gala raised over $1 million, directly fueling student scholarships. The 2024 gala, set for Saturday, March 9, at the Beau Rivage
Resort and Casino, promises to be a night of glamour and generosity. For more information on the event, visit
Dr. Suzi Brown, Executive Vice President of Institutional Advancement at MGCCC, emphasizes the Foundation’s transformative role. “The Foundation does more than just provide scholarships for students, though that is our major mission,” she said. “We also support MGCCC Athletics, the Band of Gold, the Bulldogs Cheerleaders, campus food pantries, and so many other student organizations. What we provide is access for our students. We help make our students’ dreams a reality.”
To be a part of this transformative journey, the MGCCC Foundation invites support through various avenues:
• Direct Donations: Your contributions can change lives and empower dreams.
• Scholarship Gala Sponsorships:
Elevate your impact by sponsoring the
• Memorial Scholarships: Honor a
loved one’s memory with a scholarship
for a brighter future.
• Walk of Honor (brick purchase):
Leave a lasting legacy by purchasing a
brick along the Walk of Honor.
• Bequests, Trusts/Agreements, and Investment Securities: Explore various financial avenues to support the Foundation’s cause.
Every donation, big or small, becomes a ray of hope for those striving to realize their academic aspirations. To contribute and join
the ranks of our incredible supporters, visit
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