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   ROCK STEADY BOXINGTM, a revolutionary treatment modality for Parkinson’s patients.
 LEFT: KATELYN EATON, care coordinator, is a graduate of Ole Miss with a Masters degree. RIGHT: HOPE BROADUS, certified Rock Steady Boxing coach, is a graduate of Mississippi State University with over two years of experience at Saad Healthcare.
Healthcare, there is no need to go anywhere else for any ser- vice. At Saad, we have a med- ical equipment store, social workers, a brand new, state- of-the-art in-patient hospice facility, a specialized wound- care team, LSVT, Parkinson’s Disease care, and home health and hospice care, all provided by one organization.
Our medical supply store can also handle home delivery for our patients, doctors or the public. We also offer Rock Steady BoxingTM, a revolu- tionary treatment modality for Parkinson’s patients.
You see, when we put all these things together, coupled with the most caring, skilled staff on the Gulf Coast, the Saad Difference starts to be- come evident.
If you or a loved one are con- sidering home health, hospice or any of the services outlined above, stop by for a talk with one of our counselors. This no-obligation visit can further help you grasp the difference that makes Saad Healthcare the right choice for you and your loved ones.
For over 50 years, Saad Healthcare has been pro- moting the belief that it is your health, your home, your choice.
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