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   The Right Approach to Retirement Living
 story and photo courtesy of Seashore Highlands Retirement Community
In the same way that we change our environment to benefit a growing family and their needs, it’s often important that as we grow older, we look at changing our environment to meet our changed needs too. This is often called “rightsizing”. But to be clear: rightsizing is not necessarily downsizing.
With rightsizing, you’re making the conscious choice to narrow down your possessions (or what holds value to you)
to fit your retirement lifestyle, whether through de-cluttering, simplifying your home, or moving into a smaller space. To rightsize is to change your way of thinking about your environment and tailor it to fit your needs. This type of mindset can be especially important if you’re considering a move into a senior living or retirement community. Retirement communities
can offer many amenities and services as you
age, while also providing a
maintenance- free,
neighborly environment surrounded by others who are in a similar season of life.
Here are a few tips to help you on your rightsizing journey.
Set a date
• This date can serve as a journey goal and it’s important to start early on the goal. Remember, rightsizing is a life- changing marathon, not a sprint.
Create a plan
• Creating a plan will help keep your goal in sight. The plan can be timeline or task driven, depending on what suits you.
Start with the easiest
• If an item is broken, damaged or no longer wanted, it’s probably a sure bet that it should be the first to go.
Consider amenities/services of your new environment
• If moving into a community setting,
consider the amenities that are offered to each resident. If the community has a gym, it’s probably time to reconsider keeping space consuming exercise equipment.
Decide what’s important or meaningful
• Ask yourself these questions: Is this from a previous lifestyle that I no longer have use for? If I lost this tomorrow, would I run out and buy a replacement?
Value what you keep
• It’s true that less often means more. Make sure that the items you’re keeping will be those you value most and will want to see or use every day.
Rightsizing takes the whole person wellness approach to changing environmental needs, and it’s perfect for those considering a senior living community. For more information on rightsizing or options for senior living at Seashore Highlands Retirement Community, call 228.831.7000.
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