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As you set your fashion sails for a new year, it’s always wise to look at what direction the current style winds are blowing and test the waters before diving right in. A good question to ask is “How can I adjust my existing wardrobe to smoothly navigate and incorporate new trends but still ride the familiar waves of classic style?” The answer is simple: rely on classics but have fun wearing them in different ways. In short, use what you have and do a little closet choreography with carefully selected fresh pieces and accessories to up your game.
Though the book of new looks has many chapters, the most interesting ones deal with “what’s hot and what’s not” in the realm of color, fabrics, fit, and flare. As you curate your closet, allow your head to trump your heart. Do you have things taking up valuable space due to emotional attachment rather than because they serve you well? Look at yourself in the mirror and answer that question honestly. Determine what stays and what goes, then follow up with some much-needed closet surgery.
2024 Color of the year “Peach Fuzz.”
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story by Barbara Travis
 90 |
February 2024

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