Page 91 - South Mississippi Living - February, 2024
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     LEFT: Shiny metallic patterns, sequins and bows are in style. BOTTOM: Ruffles and blazers.
  Color is where it all starts. Color sets an outfit’s tone and displays the wearer’s mood or personality or both. The “quiet luxury” of soft neutral shades like cream, white, black, brown, gray, and tan worn monochromatically or in combination made fashion headlines last year and remain important. Build and maintain your capsule wardrobe around them.
Then comes the fun part. Jazz them up with a few new items and accessories in on-trend colors. Start with red. Not last year’s bright red, but this year’s more muted versions like dark cherry or burgundy. Pink is also extremely strong in soft and bright tones. Of special note is the 2024 color of the year. It’s a soft, pinkish- orange hue called “Peach Fuzz” and is described by
the Pantone Institute’s design and color authority as “velvety,” “gentle,” and “subtly sensual.” Shades of green are always welcome.
Fabric dictates a garment’s quality, fit, and flare.
All are important elements in its presentation and durability. Well-made fabrics are always the best
choice for classic investment pieces, but current trendy fabrics can add creativity and unexpected fun to staple pieces. Look around and you’ll see an abundance of sequins, satins, sheers, crystals, and metallics. No longer relegated to after-five attire, they’re front and center
in daywear garments, shoes, and bags. Even the office isn’t off limits to a sequin skirt if it’s paired with a conservative blouse and blazer. Show up and show out anywhere.
Bows are big time. Everything seems to feature or be covered in them, and they’ll be even more popular as Spring rolls around. Along with bows, expect rosettes, ribbons, and ruffles in tribute to a season of feminine, girlish fashion.
Jackets are collectibles, and blazers or bombers are timeless choices for a layered, polished look; but they’re not yesterday’s versions. Today’s blazers are longer
and more tailored. Bombers have creative twists like gathered, puff sleeves, exaggerated collars, and multi- use zippers.
These are merely highlights of the 2024 fashion story to be expanded in the months ahead. For now, stop, look, and listen to new trends and ideas, then adopt or adapt only those that work for you.

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