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 Jack Devereux, D.D.S.
Smile Doctors
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  Dr. Jack Devereux has been a practicing orthodontist for
38 years. He was inspired to begin his career by his own orthodontist; his uncle, who was a dentist; and his wife, who encourages him every day.
Dr. Devereaux considers the most rewarding aspect of his career to be helping to change people’s lives by improving their self-confidence and overall appearance.
“I once had an 85-year-old man with horribly crooked teeth. He was a retired rocket scientist at NASA. I reminded him that I didn’t know how long he would enjoy his straight teeth,
and he said, ‘My wife passed, and I want to go to the country club to meet the ladies – leave that up to me!’”
A fun fact about Dr. Devereux is that he went to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at the same time as Michael Jordan, which has turned him into a lifelong basketball fan.
The most important piece of advice he can give to other’s looking into practicing medicine is to shadow or work in your desired field before you commit to years of school and training.
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