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 High Hump Nose
Narrow/Obstructed Airway
High Profile/Hump
Crooked Nose/Deviated Septum
Common Nasal Problems
After Functional Rhinoplasty
Spreader Grafts (Orange) “Internal Breathe Rite Strip”
Grafts (Orange) are cartilage from back of nose
        Boney Bridge
Airway “Blocked”
Deviated Septum #1 Cause Of Sinus Problems
FUNCTIONAL RHINOPLASTY improves SHAPE and AIRFLOW using the most current techniques available!
Improves Sinus Function, Sleep, [& Appearance . . . Feel Better! ]
Surgery Tailored to Your: Anatomy, Allergy and Medical Conditions
        Introducing David Costello!
NURSE PRACTITIONER Specializing in General ENT
Dr. Michael Seicshnaydre Regional Leader in Functional Rhinoplasty
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Balloon Sinus Surgery Functional Rhinoplasty Pediatric ENT Surgery Allergy Testing/Treatment Thyroid Gland Surgery
  Pediatric Sinus, Tonsil, Adenoid & Ear Tube Management
Center for Rhinology Excellence
Airway Legend
•Nasal Cartilage •Inside Nasal Lining •Available Airway •Spreader Graft
 Etiology Based Pediatric ENT
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