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Pepperoni Pizza.
a pool of warm, spicy tomato broth. The accompanying grilled bread makes for the perfect finishing touch. My absolute favorite, however, were the house meatballs. Three homemade meatballs are served in their own bowl of house tomato sauce and topped with a whipped ricotta and sage sauce. Definitely a trio of antipasti worth trying!
Mangiamo’s entrees showcase all of your favorite Italian fare, some with a coastal spin. If you love veal, the Veal Saltimbocca is a crowd favorite, but I would opt for the Veal Milanese, which consists of paneed veal cutlets topped with a rosemary sherry cream sauce. This is a great meal that’s not over the top, but still checks all the boxes. The Tuscan Shrimp and Grits is an incredibly inventive take on a basic Southern staple. Jumbo shrimp and pancetta are sauteed in a white wine butter sauce and served atop smoked gouda polenta. I adore grits, but there is something about the creamy texture of the polenta that sets this dish off. Still, my absolute favorite is the House Pizza. Mangiamo makes their dough in-house and tops their pizza with a secret recipe pizza sauce and the freshest of toppings. I’m a total fan of all of things pizza all the time, and Mangiamo’s is now one of my go-to faves.
Both James and Matthew are thrilled with the warm and positive reception they’ve received since opening Mangiamo. The takeaway from any dining experience at Mangiamo Italian Restaurant is that you can enjoy a delicious and upscale meal in a family-friendly atmosphere. Their goal of having a “come as you are” type environment paired with a thoughtfully-curated and decidedly tasty menu totally works, and it works in a way that will have you coming back time and time again.
 Veal Milanese.
 Tuscan Shrimp and Grits.
 Blood Orange Old Fashioned.
Smores Martinis.
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