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 How to Dress for Your Body Type
story by Cherie Ward
We’ve all been there a time or two, shopping for that perfect outfit when suddenly you fall head over heels for a beautifully crafted dress or a trendy pair of jeans. The color is gorgeous. The material is fabulous. The style is on point. It’s everything you were searching for, but when you try it on, it just doesn’t fit right, and ultimately, isn’t what you imagined.
What could possibly be wrong? After all, it’s the perfect outfit, but as you struggle in frustration to adjust, arrange, and offer up prayers, it’s just not going to look good because it’s the wrong garment for your body. Sound familiar? And
in the moment, you may be quick to criticize your taste in fashion or your weight, but neither is to blame because it’s not about size, it’s about body type.
So, how can we effortlessly flaunt a dream outfit? The answer is as simple as shifting your perspective and considering not only dressing for fashion but also for your body shape. It’s important to know your body type so you can understand which styles work best for you.
Here are a few helpful takeaways as you revamp your 2024 wardrobe.
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