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Your Digital Magazine Publishing Solution


on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, & Smartphone!

Red Star Digital Publishing maximizes the potential of your print materials for the web. Our digital publishing service can help turn your print publication into an exciting reading experience. And best of all, these easy-to-follow digital editions can be read across the internet using a standard web browser. So, turn your magazine, brochure, catalog or marketing piece into a dynamic digital powerhouse. Browse our site to find out just how easy it can be.

Turn your publication into a STAR!

Let your publications work for you!

5 Stars_Red.png
5 Stars_Red.png

Not only will Red Star turn your work into an attention grabbing digital magazine, it can make you money! Increase the readership of your publication while boosting online sales. Drive traffic to your publication and track the results. Your pages will be customizable and can provide you with a higher search engine ranking. Extend your reach and experience higher website traffic today!

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