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Sheep Farms
Many sheep farms once dotted the banks of the Jourdan River. Farms varied in size, but the larger ones carried nearly 3,000 head of sheep. On the farms, the animals received minimal care and attention. They were left to freely roam, had little protection from the elements, and were sheared both
in and out of season. This produced
a highly desirable, premium quality wool considered by both buyers and manufacturers to be of the finest quality in the country and commanding the highest prices at market. Wool and mutton were easily shipped to market via the nearby railroad.
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the Spanish Customs House
The oldest building in Bay St.
Louis was built in 1787 in the Creole architecture style, possibly by the Frenchman Hyacinth Caron. It was located at 708 S. Beach Blvd. in Bay St. Louis and was thought to be the home of the Spanish customs inspector. Hurricane Katrina completely destroyed it in 2005.

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