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Brown’s Vineyard
 The intersection of Highway 90 and Waveland Avenue in Waveland is the site of a 90-acre vineyard and winery once owned and operated by Frederick W. Braun and his wife, Anna,
of Germany. Braun (Brown) purchased the land in 1864 under the Homestead Act. His vineyard of muscadine, or scuppernong, grapes produced about 50 barrels of wine annually, and he subsequently built a prosperous local and mail-order business. Vacationers to the Bay enjoyed his winery immensely. A horse-drawn
Brown’s Vineyard, Bay St. Louis
wagon known as a “tally-ho” transported many guests from local hotels to his vineyard where they were treated to dancing, piano music, and glasses of wine served with homemade bread and butter. Visitors could also peruse his wine cellar or walk the property and pick grapes off the vines. Prohibition ended Braun’s business. The contents of his wine cellar were reportedly buried on the property, but revenue agents later found the bottles and broke them.

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