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the Ulman Woolen Mills
Waveland’s largest industry in the 1800s was the production of woolen blankets, shawls, and other items. The Ulman Woolen Mills were
built by Alfred Ulman, who opened Jeff Davis Avenue in Waveland to build homes for the mill workers. This area was formerly known as Ulmanville. Wool production ended here in the mid-1880s.
Ulman’s Factory on Nicholson Avenue at Jeff Davis
Do you know about...
Pearlington, Mississippi
 With deep water
access on the Pearl
River, Pearlington was important in the cotton and lumber industries. Cotton was floated down the Pearl from plantations upriver. These jobs were lost when the expansion of the railroad eliminated the need to ship the cotton downriver. This loss was short-lived however. With plenty
of timber around, three sawmills were soon up and running, including the Poitevant and Favre Lumber Company, owned and operated by W.J.
Poitevant and Favre Lumber Company train
 Poitevant and Joseph A. Favre. A shipyard with several steamers and schooners transported the goods to market. Earlier
in its history, after the War of 1812, Pearlington was instrumental in producing bricks used in the construction of Fort
Pike and Fort Macomb in Louisiana. An old Indian path, now known as Hwy. 604, runs through the heart of town.

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