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                                          Coastal Mississippi Restaurants Serve up the Season’s Best Boiled Crawfish!
             story courtesy of Coastal Mississippi
Wphotos courtesy of Crawfish House & Grill, Taranto’s and Cuz’s Old Town Oyster Bar and Grill
hen it comes to culinary delights in At the Crawfish House & Grill in Ocean
Coastal Mississippi, few dishes can Springs, you will immediately feel at home. The match the mouthwatering appeal atmosphere at The Crawfish House is one of a kind, of boiled crawfish. These delectable offering both indoor and outdoor seating. Whether crustaceans have long held a special you prefer the lively indoor vibe or the fresh air of
place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, and
it’s that time of year again when the Gulf Coast comes alive with the aroma of freshly boiled crawfish.
If you’re in search of the ultimate mudbug experience, look no further than our many Coastal Mississippi eateries. Crawfish season kicks off in December, but keep an eye on the weather – when the temperature starts to drop they bury themselves, but come February and March it’s game on!
their outdoor oyster bar and deck for large parties, you’re in for a treat. It’s the perfect spot to make memories with friends and family.
Since 2006, Taranto’s in Biloxi has been serving up some of the Coast’s best Gulf-caught seafood. This always popular family-owned business serves up everything from crawfish bisque, crawfish po’boys, and crawfish platters to name a few. Dine in or take out for one or a feast for a party. As they like to say at

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