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    Taranto’s in Biloxi.
Taranto’s, “Guests are welcomed with open arms and a restaurant full of smiles. You’ll leave with nothing short of a stuffed belly and a good time!”
At Cuz’s Old Town Oyster Bar and Grill in
historic Bay St. Louis, the good times are definitely rolling during crawfish in season. Stop by for a steaming platter of well-seasoned crawfish. Enjoy the Gulf breeze from their outdoor seating or dine inside.
If you’re looking to host your own crawfish boil
at home or at the beach, you can find live crawfish along with everything you need including ready- made seasoning blends at most of our coastal seafood markets when in season. You’ll also find other fabulous fresh Gulf seafood, soups, dips, and sides to complement your meal. Hint: Seasoning blends make great gifts to take home!
• Spice it Right: The perfect crawfish boil is all about
seasoning. Experiment with various spices, and
don’t be afraid to get creative.
• Soak and Steep: Allow your crawfish to soak in the
seasoned water after cooking. This “marinating” process will help the flavors penetrate deep into the shells.
• Appetizers and Sides: Complement your boil
with classic sides such as corn, potatoes, and sausage. They absorb the flavors and offer a perfect accompaniment.
• Community Counts: Crawfish boils are best enjoyed with friends and family. The shared experience enhances the enjoyment of this iconic Southern tradition.
  Cuz’s Old Town Oyster Bar and Grill in Bay St. Louis.
The Crawfish House & Grill in Ocean Springs

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