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      story by Kelsey Sunderman-Foster photos courtesy of Island View Casino Resort
Island View Casino Resort is well-known for its numerous and diverse Sdining venues. In fact, the Gulfport casino resort boasts the most dining
ome of the most unique next door to the Island View on the assorted chocolate dipped nut clusters offerings come from the north side of Highway 90. There, you such as turtles and cashew clusters, candy shop next door, Coast can watch the candy being made and and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit Candymakers, which offers breathe in the rich scent of chocolate including fresh strawberries and
a variety of sweet treats such and roasted nuts. “Often times you chocolate covered apples. The store
    options on the Coast with 18 different restaurants and bars to choose from.
as homemade chocolates and fudge as well pralines, caramels, and truffles, all of which are made in-house.
“We wanted to open up this location because other than in New Orleans, no one is really making these homemade Southern favorites,” said Ed Layton, vice president of food, beverage and hotel operations. “Coast Candymakers offers the guests something that is regional and fresh with a large variety of selections. They also get to see the chocolatiers making and finishing all the candy in the shop, live action.”
Catch the action for yourself at Coast Candymakers, which is located
can get a praline that is still somewhat warm, just batched up,” said Layton. “Making the product on site adds
to the fun of going to the shop and picking out your own assortment.
The chocolatiers can also guide you through the process and make recommendations.”
According to Layton, the store has been a huge hit at the casino resort. “I think part of what makes it so popular is the nostalgia of the experience as well as the high quality and freshness of the products.”
Some of the most popular items are the New Orleans style pralines,
also carry homemade fudge that
comes in a variety of flavors, including praline, chocolate, peanut butter, rocky road, Snickers and butter pecan.
Many of these delicious treats are also available at The Sweet Shop in the Promenade!
Coast Candymakers
3206 W. Beach Blvd., Gulfport 228.314.2100
Thurs-Sun, 12-7 p.m.

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