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   It’s Bro-Time
The Secret Coast Has Everything for an Amazing Guys-Only Mancation
story by Cherie Ward photos courtesy of Coastal Mississippi
What is a mancation, you ask? It’s a new trend that’s just for men and Coastal Mississippi has everything you’ll need for your next best-buds trip.
These days, there are so many reasons for a just-the-boys getaway. Maybe you’ve
just graduated college and want to go on one last extravaganza before settling down to a standard nine-to-five job. Or it’s the last weekend before you get married and your entourage is ready for a time- honored bachelor celebration complete with gambling and cigars. It could be a milestone birthday with seafood and martinis or maybe a little quality time with dear ole’ dad reeling in a 10-pound red snapper. Perhaps it’s just been a while since you’ve hung out with some of your friends and you want to throw your feet up on a balcony rail overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, kick back, and relax with an ice-cold beer.
Whatever the reason, skip that afternoon outing in
favor of a full-blown guys’ trip because it’s bro-time and there are plenty of places to park your pals for a long weekend.
The Coast features exquisite cultural food experiences and continuous world-renowned entertainment with casino row being the heart of
all the coastal action. With 12 casinos in D’Iberville, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis, and Gulfport you’ll find nonstop, 24-hour gaming action so you and your crew can let the good times roll and roll. Not to mention countless classic table games, jackpot-filled slots, swim-up bar pools, and hotel conveniences that make you feel right at home and never want
to leave. And if laying down a wager is more your speed, each casino has an extensive sports betting menu that includes professional and collegiate teams. Bet or no bet, you won’t feel like a tourist and you’ll find yourself sending fun-wielding or breathtaking snapshots to your significant other, wishing you could stay a little longer.

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