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 in Coastal Mississippi story and photos courtesy of Coastal Mississippi
 From bayous to blueways, endless hiking trails, scenic vistas, and world-class golf courses, Coastal Mississippi offers an abundance of activities – even during the winter months! Your outdoor adventure
doesn’t have to wait until spring. We’ve crafted the perfect nature-based itinerary just for you!
When looking for a place to stay during your outdoor retreat, consider booking a stay at one of our many coastal campsites. Whether you have your own recreational vehicle or you’re fully capable of pitching a tent for a night under the stars, we’re confident we can provide the right accommodation for you.
Buccaneer State Park’s most recent addition includes a beach-front RV park with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. But if you’re looking for something a bit more rustic with a side of creature comforts (such as a bed, firepit, and
chairs), you can rent one of the park’s Tentrr sites for the night.
At the opposite end of the Coast, explore Presley’s Outing in Moss Point, where you can savor scenic views and a multitude of recreational options. Enjoy freshwater fishing, basketball, tennis, a game room, volleyball, frisbee golf, beaches, boating, and more!
If you’re searching for activities to fill your
days during your getaway, Coastal Mississippi offers an extensive array of options, including birding, hiking, fishing, biking, nature tours, and more. Coastal Mississippi boasts an abundance of waterways, providing ample opportunities for an exhilarating kayaking experience. Imagine yourself paddling down the Pascagoula River or gliding along the Jourdan. Just put that cell phone on silent and let your cares float away on the currents.
If you’re seeking a change from the blueways

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