Page 94 - Discover South Mississippi - Winter, 2024
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   Discover The Coast
You have moved. You are unpacked. Now get out there anTd enjoy your community. Oh — and, welcome home!
he verdict is in. Residents of the have received accolades from across the country Mississippi Gulf Coast are proud as being among the best places to live and do
of their hometowns. That pride can business within the United States. This newcomers be seen all along the Coast, from section of Discover Coastal Mississippi provides Biloxi Shuckers and Peter Anderson information and resources to help you with your Festival T-shirts, to strong support move to our diverse, welcoming community.
for our local businesses. From high attendance
at community events to crowded beaches, our affection of our home is evident. We are a thriving community that is thrilled to spread the love of our Gulf Coast to any who want to join.
Word has gotten out about our little slice of heaven, too. Several different Coast communities
You might find pages dedicated to finding jobs, volunteer resources, housing, schools, retirement information, faith-based organizations and churches, communities, and basic information about the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Consider it a first step toward making yourself a permanent resident of the Coast!

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