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 story and photos courtesy of Pav & Broome
Fine Jewelry
  What do you do when you need to find someone you can trust? You ask someone you trust who they use and would recommend. That’s just what Dr. Dan Richardson did when it was time for him to start shopping for an engagement ring for his future bride. His family directed him to Pav & Broome Fine Jewelry as the jeweler they had used for many years.
Dan recalls, “Even in 1993 in the smaller shop in downtown Gulfport, their selection
was excellent, and the customer service
was personal.” The relationship was built instantaneously, and the families have remained close ever since. Gail Pav notes, “Dan and Courtney Richardson have been clients/friends for so long that I can hardly remember a time when they weren’t either. Over the years, we’ve watched their lives unfold and grow along with their family.”
Since that life-changing encounter 30 years ago, the Richardsons have frequented Pav
& Broome. Whether it was upgrading a
stone, purchasing a gift, or having something completely custom made, there was never any question where they would go to get it done. Courtney explains, “Pav and Broome has played a big part in much of our gift-giving history. They have an excellent selection and have worked with us on specialty projects. We have since upgraded stones and changed my
wedding set on a couple of occasions where each stone holds a special place in my heart.”
Pav adds, “Dan has played an integral part in the design of the pieces that Courtney now wears. I think he had as much fun redesigning them as she did receiving these treasured items.”
In addition to the matrimonial gifts, the Richardsons purchased watches for each of their sons as graduation gifts. “So, naturally, when it came time for our sons to look for engagement rings, they knew that Pav & Broome would be their one and only stop and travelled from out of state to get there,” said Courtney. “They knew Ms. Gail would take care of them as she had always taken good care of their mom and dad.”
Gail explains, “The Richardsons know how jewelry and watches not only adorn the wearers but also hold deep emotional ties with the family members that wear them and receive them as heirlooms. Theirs is a legacy of love and a legacy that will forever hold special places in everyone’s hearts. These generational relationships are the best reward for our 50 years of service to the community. We had the pleasure of helping the youngest Richardson pick out his engagement ring last year and look forward to celebrating the happy couple this September. Congratulations, Joshua!”
 Brock and Courtney Richardson.
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Caitlin Paulden and Joshua Richardson.
 Legacy of Lov

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