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Al’s Goldfish
Christmas Gifts
  Special Items to Delight the
Sportsperson in Your Life
 story by John N. Felsher
All sportsmen and sportswomen love their gadgets for catching fish or bagging game. Most spend considerable cash just keeping themselves supplied.
This Christmas, surprise your
sporting loved ones
with some special
  Wild Ears FieldEarzTM
One of the oldest lure companies celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. For this Christmas, Al’s Goldfish Lure Company not only offers interesting gift packs, but the fishing spoon makers honor a personal friend of mine. Kenneth Kieser, an outdoor writer and National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, has been a big fan of Al’s lures for years. Now, people can purchase sets containing some of Kenny’s favorites. The Kenny Kieser Christmas Kits limited edition signature gift packs come in two sizes. One comes with four lures and one with six lures. See
    Wild Ear
Range Bag Bundle
Hunters don’t want to miss sounds that could mean game, but without protection, their ears receive the full shock of every gun blast. Over time, repeated gun reports can affect hearing. People who shoot frequently burn through a lot of ammunition, whether hunting or just practicing on the range. Waterfowlers sharing a blind could endure multiple gun blasts from all sides at close range. Every shot exposes their ears
to high-decibel levels. Frequent shooters require the best ear protection.
For decades, Cavcom developed ear protection devices for 108 | December 2022
industrial uses. Two years ago, the company created Wild Ear for people who want to hear everything, except the loudest noises. Essentially a form of hearing aid, but with an added benefit, Wild Ear amplifies sound -- up to a point. When sound decibels reach a certain level, the device shuts off.
A related item, SafEarz also protects hearing. People can order ready-to-fit earplugs that come in three different noise filter options, but still allow shooters to hear their companions talking. Look up both Wild Ear and SafEarz

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