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  Wild Water
 Deluxe Fly
Fishing Kit
 The Gulf Coast offers excellent saltwater and freshwater fishing, but every angler loves to visit new places occasionally. Long fishing rods can make traveling difficult, especially on aircraft. Anglers can buy various easily transportable rods. Some telescope inside themselves to make compact packages. Anglers can also buy multi- part rods in kits that can fit into a suitcase. For fly fishermen, the Wild Water Deluxe Fly Fishing Kit comes with a quality 9-foot fly rod that breaks into multiple pieces to fit inside a 32-inch hard traveling case. The kit also comes with a reel and line, reel pouch, flies and stor- age pouches for other items to make traveling easier. See
Smith’s Darcizzle 6” Curved Flex Fillet Knife
Bladed Gifts
Outdoor Edge Reelflex Pak 4-Piece Fillet Knife Set
Outdoor Edge 3.5” OnyxTM Edc Replaceable Blade Carry Knife
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.
     Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak Replaceable Blade Hunters Combo Kit
Every sportsman needs various quality tools for cleaning fish and game or performing other tasks such as trimming branches to create shooting lanes. Outdoor Edge, a leading manufacturer of knives and tools, offers various bladed tools for different tasks. Some come with replaceable blades to keep things sharp. See
On the topic of tools, big-game hunters need something to field-dress deer and other animals. Consider the Smith’s Consumer Products Edgesport Field Dressing Kit or other tools. Various kits contain different types of knives and other tools that make dressing and deboning game or other chores easier. Throw in a Smith’s Jiffy-Pro sharpener to keep everything honed. See
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