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  story by Victoria Snyder
photos courtesy of Courtney Anderson
           Ever feel like you’re missing what’s happening on the Gulf Coast? Well, each week, Coastal Connections with Courtney is here to help! Courtney Anderson interviews the prominent leaders, business owners, and interesting individuals helping to make a difference on the Coast.
She started Coastal Connections with Courtney as an entity of her business, CA Productions. The show is specifically designed with the Gulf Coast in mind. “I interview the movers, shakers, and developers that are leading our constant expansion!” Anderson explains.
Anderson is proud of the fact that she is able to bring the facts, news, and dates on new developments. But she doesn’t just stick to the cold, hard factual side of things – she also loves being able to tell a story. “I find out what exactly is going on with their new projects, what inspires them, and allows viewers to get to know these leaders on a personal side, as well as the new, exciting, positive aspects that are coming to the Coast,” she says. Showing that these powerful people are also regular people is fascinating to her. “I love hearing about people’s lives.”
While Anderson has dreamed of having her own television show since she was a child, she wasn’t sure it would come to
fruition. “I did acting and dancing, stuff like that growing up. I’ve always had that personality where I just go to my own beat,” she laughs.
“God has brought me back to my roots and given me the confidence to go out on this limb,” Anderson says.
Anderson says that some people doubted that she’d be able to do the show, but something deep inside her told her she could make this dream a reality. Now, Coastal Connections with Courtney is a year old, and is booked out months in advance. Anderson says the show’s success is a dream come true and is thrilled to be pursuing one of her passions. “I couldn’t have done it without the support of my sponsors,” she added.
“The show is all about Mississippi. There’s a lot of exciting growth and development, on our Coast and with the show! A lot of things are on the way in 2023, and I am extremely excited to bring them to Mississippi.”
You can watch Coastal Connections with Courtney on WLOX/ABC13 at 10 a.m. every Sunday.
Coastal Connections with Courtney Facebook @Coastal Connections with Courtney
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