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FOCUS ON FASHION story by Barbara Travis
Kids love animal prints; they never go out of style and the more exotic the print, the better. In addition to traditional themes such as leopard, tiger, and zebra, children’s summer clothes and swimwear are currently offered in whimsical tropical bird and underwater creature prints. This colorful and fun fare is also featured on accessory items like headbands, bracelets, and shoes to spice up neutral-colored outfits.
Geometrics are fairly standard in kids’ clothing design, but 2024 versions are bigger, bolder, and brighter. Whether it’s over-sized polka dots, superhero graphics or abstract shapes, geometric fabrics add energy and interest to a stand-alone garment or can be toned down by combining them with solid color pieces. Just as animal print accessories liven
an ensemble up, the same is true for geometric shapes incorporated into hair accessories, scarves, socks, purses, or backpacks. Any of these items can provide a fun pop of color and encourage or enhance a child’s self-expression and creativity.
Delicate and soft-colored floral patterns are always timeless for girls because they evoke charm, innocence, and grace. They are usually a favorite choice for special occasions but can be dressed up or down for most any event. Small, chintz-like florals can also be worn year-round. Beyond spring and summer, they can be worn into the cooler weather by adding a cardigan sweater.
The 2024 color chart for children’s fashion is all over the place, but bright and cheerful are
at the top of the list with earthy tones trending right behind. Color matters. When selecting children’s clothing, remember that color reflects their personalities and impacts their emotions. Bright, bold, vibrant colors energize and evoke playfulness and happiness while subdued, earthy colors and tones calm and evoke a quieter side. The key is balance. Color is a fashion and parenting tool. Use it wisely to suit the occasion and the child to make him or her feel good, comfortable, and confident.
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