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2600 Beach Blvd., Ste. 78, Biloxi Inside Edgewater Mall
While The Epitome has been known for its bespoke tobacco products for fifty-six years, Cree Cantrell and his wife, Colby Cantrell, are expanding what their store offers.
The Epitome is now serving fine whiskey, wine, and beer, making it the only cigar bar on the coast that serves liquor and the only place in Edgewater Mall where customers can enjoy a drink and smoke.
You can also visit The Epitome to view your favorite college football games. Every Saturday, they have four televisions showing the games.
Colby has also started her own custom clothing business, COLBY; she designs custom-made men’s clothing from slacks and sport coats to tuxedos and formal wear straight from her office.
The shop also maintains its full lineup of premium tobacco, handmade cigars, whole bean coffee, and a variety of gifts for men. They also offer custom-labeled cigars that are available for special events.
The Cantrells love helping people find exactly what they need in their store.
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