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 story by Cherie Ward photos by Katherine Sowers and courtesy of B&B Homecare Services
care needs to allow their clients to stay as homecare clients. B&B
independent as possible. These services Homecare Services
include personal hygiene management, has also partnered
bathroom assistance, medication with numerous
reminders, physical therapy plan support, licensed professionals that help to provide housekeeping, meal preparation, daily additional private services to their clients, errands, companionship, and sitting such as aestheticians, barbers, hairstylists,
support for newborns and/or new adoptions,” Banks said. “We want to
help parents with cleaning, laundry, meal prep, and allowing them to get a much- needed nap. We can also provide in-home childcare services for the working families who want a dedicated staff member trained to care for your little ones.”
B&B Homecare Services will officially launch October 21, 2022 and has no plans of slowing down. The agency recently partnered with the Mississippi Chapter of the Alzheimer Association and together will provide education and resources to caregivers.
“We are proud to be a partner with the Mississippi Chapter of the Alzheimer Association, where we will ensure our staff and community have the education and resources needed to address Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,” added Banks. “We want to ensure that we not only provide evidence-based, culturally sensitive care, but help address and advocate for the health disparities we see with early Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We want to not only serve these clients but truly be a member of the care team that families can depend on.”
B&B Homecare Services
14116 Customs Blvd. Ste. 103, Gulfport 228.471.3178
B&B Homecare can also offer support
for pre-surgery and post-surgery needs and provide non-medical escorts for vacations and events for seniors and children. Additionally, their services extend far beyond senior care. They are excited to offer new parent support and in-home childcare services for families who want a dedicated staff member trained to care for their little ones.
Armed with a staffing agency, B&B Staffing Management, which also owned by Banks and Barber, has more than 330 dedicated registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and residential care aides, which allows an easy transition to provide 24-hour in home services on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for
nutritionists, lawncare, and home repair services.
Their Bedside Bee program can be used
in inpatient care settings when family members cannot be there all day or every day. “Bedside Bee takes that stress off of you,” Barber said. “We will provide a dependable, trained aide to assist your loved ones with comfort, bathroom assistance, companionship, meals, limiting falls, and add a second set of eyes in
the room who’s fully dedicated to only your family member only. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you have someone you can call directly for information or if you need to get a word to the medical staff.”
The facility has recently added a new respite relief, Mommy and Bee. “We are excited to offer new moms and dads
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