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   And with the peak of bridal season fast approaching, Reed and Murray are on the lookout for the latest trends and are experiencing a surge in sales of laboratory-grown diamonds rather than traditional earth-mined varieties.
Both stones are pure diamonds, only grown differently. Lab diamonds can be created in a
few weeks with a machine, extreme heat, and pressurization. Naturally created diamonds are found beneath the earth’s surface and formed by billions of years of intense heat and pressure.
There’s also a decline in platinum and white gold bands with a comeback of yellow gold rings surging to make white diamonds pop and stand out on a bride’s hand. Also gone are the razor-thin wedding bands that were popular a few years ago and some couples are opting for a diamond wedding band with accent gemstones such as sapphires or rubies over an engagement ring or wedding set.
The most popular stone shape appears to be oval, although some brides remain faithful to the traditional round solitaire diamonds.
“Oval is really popular right now, but has not been that popular in the past,” Reed said. “It’s always kind of been there, but for a while all we sold was square cut. Now we are seeing more ovals and occasionally a pear cut.”
Reed added it doesn’t matter if you love platinum or yellow gold, gemstones or diamonds, or thin or chunky bands that are single or stackable, they can customize your dream engagement ring, wedding band, or bridal set. And they can even help with an accessory or two to compliment it.
And since unfortunately, mishaps do happen, W.P. Shelton Jewelers also has an on-site jeweler for all your jewelry repair needs, including watch batteries.
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