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 story by Luke Height photos courtesy of Complete Exteriors
etting your roof replaced should not be stressful. Let Complete Exteriors and the Gulf Coast Division Manager, Josh Tentoni, guide you through the process so that you can get back
to your everyday lives as quickly as possible. As your roof representative, Complete Exteriors will help facilitate the insurance process, filing your claim, meeting field adjusters at your home, and acquiring individual building permits per municipality.
Complete Exteriors is a family owned and operated roofing company that was established after Hurricane Katrina
in 2005. They specialize in asphalt shingle, cedar shingle, cedar shake, slate tile, and copper accents. All copper
work is created in-house, making these handmade accents custom for each individual home. “We understand every home is as unique as the individual homeowner, so our roof representative will help you choose the style and color that fits your home,” says Tentoni. “Our roof representative will work alongside your HOA to ensure full compliance.”
Complete Exteriors is also your trustworthy local GAF Certified roofing contractor. This certification allows
them to offer a lifetime warranty on qualifying roofing systems. They’re true professionals and experienced siding contractors. In addition, they are also licensed for commercial projects, such as large shingle roofs,
company. He says, “My favorite part of this job is knowing we are providing our customers with the best quality
roof on their home and giving our customers the
best customer service we can possibly provide.”
Especially on the Gulf Coast where we experience some harsh storms, we need professionals who really care about making sure the exteriors of our homes are built, repaired and secured. Complete Exteriors gives us the piece of mind we need that someone always has our back when nature takes its course.
Being a member of the Gulf Coast
community, Tentoni knows the
importance of his work. He says,
“Knowing the customer is proud of their decision to choose us after the job is complete is what makes us the company we are today. How
we do business helps me go to sleep at night because I know our administration team, insurance specialist, sales force, and installers provide our customers exceptional service every day.”
A company that puts the customer first is a company that
   flat roof thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane, and lat roof silicone coatings.
Complete Exteriors is continuing to grow. While being based out of Pearl, Mississippi, they have added a permanent office in Gulfport as well as establishing Freedom
My favorite part of this job is knowing we are providing our
customers with the best quality roof on their home and giving our
customers the best customer service we can possibly provide.
Josh Tentoni
is trustworthy.
In a world of competition, the
only metric that matters is how the customer feels in the transaction.
Knowing this, Tentoni and the team at Complete Exteriors aim to give the
highest quality performance to all of their customers and bring their best to
every project.
If you’re looking for siding or roofing
 Roofing in Cape Coral, Florida.
Through diligent efforts and pride in their product, this company has proven to work on building a reputation
of great service. Tentoni testifies to the reputation of the
work to be done on your home, business or rental property, look no further. Holding
themselves to a high standard of dependability, attention to detail, and integrity, Complete Exteriors will provide you with all your roofing and siding needs.
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