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      Asked about an era of design that stands out for her, she replied, “My favorite eras were the '60s and '70s – particularly tailored skirts and pants and short boxy jackets with oversized buttons from the '60s. From the '70s, I can't get enough of bell bottom pants, frayed edges, peasant blouses and vests – all of which are in right now.”
Addressing the casualness that permeates much dressing today, Weeks said, “Since the beginning of COVID, style has gotten a lot more laid back and casual. However, I think dressy attire is on the rise. Blazers, belts, and accessories can aid in pulling an outfit together and making it feel more complete and not so casual.”
What about common fashion mistakes she sees women make? “The first thing that comes to mind is buying quantity over quality and investing too much money into trendy pieces that won't stand the test of time,” she said. “Also, women buying something because someone else has it or because it looks good on someone else. It's important
to discover your own personal style and buy only what you love and can't live without.”
This fashion merchandizer lists some favorite fashion tips that
are 'in.' The French tuck (basically a front half tuck); mixing prints (florals with plaids); accessories, specifically hats and belts; less logos; more attention to your style and less on the brands; fashion sneakers; buy more basics; quality over quantity; and shopping local.
Sharon Weeks and daughter, Shelby Brune.
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