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        ABOVE: Amber Lord, owner of Salon Rouge, doing
what she loves. Salon Rouge is open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm
and Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
BELOW LEFT: Joshua Lord, owner of Blue Dog Bistro, displays his cooking skills. Blue Dog Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday - Sunday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
   and their faith in God to get past the hard time. “Through the pandemic and having to temporarily close
the businesses, my faith in God gave me the strength to get through it all,” said Amber. “I told Josh, ‘if it’s not in our control, then it’s not worth stressing about.” Since reopening, both businesses have grown, and Blue Dog is serving patrons delicious breakfast and lunch, all inspired by the couple.
“We’re both foodies, so when we go on vacation, we travel to eat,” she adds. “The inspiration for the restaurant came from our travels and love of food.”
Amber gets credit for the cinnamon rolls, the yogurt bowl, and caprese salad, and Joshua created the recipes for the rest of the menu. The restaurant is named after their beloved dog, Bluebell, who was part of their family for 11 years. “She was our child,” adds Amber. “Between our love of Bluebell, the love of her breed, and love of food, the name has a lot of meaning behind it.” The restaurant is adorned with paintings of Bluebell, their blue Staffordshire terrier.
The top sellers at the Blue Dog Bistro include the Blue Dog Breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash and pancakes), blueberry ricotta pancakes, cochon de lait, and bananas foster French toast. Plans for the restaurant include a future expansion in Gulfport in a
newly constructed building on Cowan-
Lorraine Road.
“We both really enjoy our work and serving our
community,” adds Amber. “We love helping people and making them smile whether we’ve given them a full belly or they are walking out of the salon feeling like a
million dollars.”
When they are not helping others, the couple enjoys traveling. “We take a lot of vacations
to decompress,” she said having recently returned from Hawaii. “We take time
 off to live and enjoy life. Taking time off to spend with each other is really important to
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