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Nicole Jean Martz
    Hey, y’all! Nicole here, your Gulf Coast Gal.
I’m so happy that South Mississippi Living is showcasing charitable organizations this issue. This is definitely the season of giving, but it doesn’t have to stop here! Here are some great ways to get involved along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
This one is pretty straight forward, but a great way to make a direct impact with many of the organizations is, of course, donating directly. In some cases, you can even buy a ticket to an event, or bid on an auction item! One of my favorite local events is Renaissance the Runway!
Learning more about an organization is an opportunity to see how you can best help them. Getting familiar with their facility and their needs will open your eyes to ways to get involved. I recently toured Back Bay Mission and was blown away by the variety of services they provide to so many along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
If your unable to donate monetarily, donating your time always makes a significant impact! Whether it is putting your skills to work at a Habitat for Humanity home build or
helping with activities for the kiddos at an Excel by 5 event, your time is just as valuable to organizations and helps them to provide great services and offerings at little to no cost.
An easy way to get involved with organizations and help them if you don’t have the time or the funds is to help them spread the word! Sign up for a newsletter or follow them on social media. If you see that they have something going on, tag some friends or share! It significantly helps them get their message out there. A great one for this is the Humane Society of South Mississippi – help critters find their forever home!
Is there an organization or charity you are extremely passionate about? Join them! Reach out to them to see if they have a committee or a board you can apply for. There are also quite a few groups, such as Coast Young Professionals, that do volunteer and community service events and activities throughout the year.
That’s all for me, Gulf Coast Gal! Join me on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Facebook page and my GCG social channels so we explore all the #gulfcoastgoodness Coastal Mississippi has to offer, including the above organizations and so much more!
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