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  Servicemen's Guide
  story by Kimberly C. Rasmussen
to Good Eats
photos by Kimberly C. Rasmussen and Kelsey Sunderman-Foster
South Mississippi is a proud host to all levels of our nation’s armed forces. From the short-term student at Keesler Air Force Base to the family who is stationed with the Naval Construction Battalion Center to our vets at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, the Gulf Coast is dotted with men and women who are here, serving our country and protecting our freedoms in a multitude of capacities. What better way to make them feel warm and welcome than with food? As Southerners, we know that a good meal can be one of the best ways to set someone at ease, therefore it only makes sense to do one of the things we do best: cook.
Mr. Greek
1670 Pass Rd., Biloxi | Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-8 p.m. | 228.432.7888
In a region known for its seafood and Cajun specialties, finding good food outside of this genre can sometimes be challenging. However, Costas “Gus” Ravanos, owner of Mr. Greek, is filling a void by cooking up a variety of utterly delicious Mediterranean dishes right here in our own backyard.
Originally from Skopelos, Greece, Ravanos has owned and operated Mr. Greek for nearly twenty years and continues to churn out meals that will have you transported to a Grecian coastline in no time. Ravanos believes his restaurant draws a military crowd due to the international experience of many of those who are stationed here. Food can trigger the fondest of memories, and Ravanos attributes his success to his food’s ability to remind his military patrons of their time abroad.
The military patronage is welcomed and appreciated at Mr. Greek, and Ravanos enjoys giving back through his generous donations of food to Keesler fundraisers and events. Greek Salads, Mousaka and Gyros are his most popular items, but don’t shy away from the Combo Platter when you want a little bit of everything.
R&C Korean
1670 Pass Rd., Biloxi
Thurs. – Mon., 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Find us on Facebook
Located just outside of Keesler’s Pass Road gate is a small collection of international cuisine so good that you’ll easily forget that you’re still in South Mississippi. One
of these amazing eateries is R&C Korean, a restaurant famous for its authenticity and loved by locals. Owners Chil Moon and Richard Moon, Jr. prepare an amazing assortment of Korean fare served traditionally, but easily customizable for every palate. Bul Go Gi, marinated
and sauteed beef, is a house favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any dish. The proximity to Keesler makes it
a logistically easy choice for a quick lunch break, but it’s the amazing flavors and handcrafted food that make it the perfect pick when you are craving something with extra special flare.
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