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  You wake up to a push alert from the WLOX First Alert Weather team about a beautiful spring day in South Mississippi. You enjoy your first cup of coffee with Wesley Williams or Taylor Graham on Good Morning Mississippi, sharing insights about how the weather might impact your day.
As day turns into night, Carrie Duncan and Eric Jeansonne are at your dinner table. They’re monitoring the changing weather conditions, so whether you’re watching WLOX News Now, or you’re looking at the WLOX Weather app, you know the latest about how South Mississippi’s weather will affect your night out.
Carrie Duncan. Wesley Williams. Eric Jeansonne. Taylor Graham. The WLOX First Alert Weather team has the experience you demand to forecast South Mississippi’s changing weather patterns.
Chief meteorologist Carrie Duncan joined the WLOX First Alert Weather team in September, 2002, which means she helped all of us ride out Hurricane Katrina. Duncan grew up in Starkville where she attended Mississippi State University and received a degree in Geosciences with an emphasis in Broadcast Meteorology.
story and photos courtesy of WLOX
Wesley Williams is your Gulf Coast guy. Born and raised in New Orleans, schooled in Meteorology in Mobile, Williams has lived in almost every Gulf Coast state, except Florida. Wesley received his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from the University of South Alabama.
Eric Jeansonne knew he wanted to be a meteorologist as early as five years old when Hurricane Andrew tracked through
his home state of Louisiana. His interest in weather led him
to the University of Oklahoma where he earned a Bachelor
of Science degree in Meteorology with a minor in Broadcast Journalism.
Taylor Graham’s interest in weather started in a Kentucky elementary school. She eventually graduated from Mississippi State University with her degree in Geoscience with a concentration in Broadcast and Professional Meteorology.
Today, that quartet can proudly boast it has guided you through more hurricanes, tropical storms, floods and tornadoes than any other Mississippi weather team. Duncan, Williams, Jeansonne, and Graham are the meteorologists you trust. On WLOX-TV and on the WLOX digital platforms, they are the award winning WLOX First Alert Weather team.
     Carrie Duncan. Wesley Williams. Eric Jeansonne. Taylor Graham.
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