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       Pyron Coastal Insurance’s Unique Approach to Insurance
   Pyron Coastal Insurance is an independent insurance agency on the Gulf Coast that is part of the greater Pyron Group agency started in Jackson in 1984. They currently have offices
in Ocean Springs, D’Iberville, Long Beach, and Pascagoula, meaning they have a location convenient for just about everyone. They represent many top insurers like Progressive, Safeco, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, and more.
“Some people want the bare minimum of insurance coverage, and that’s understandable, but not always great when accidents or catastrophes happen. And they do,” says Jason Lott, director of marketing. “We try our hardest to
get to know our customers and their individual needs. We all have unique insurance needs, whether we realize it or not.”
Pyron Coastal Insurance prides themselves on being honest with customers – they attempt to talk like ordinary people by cutting out complex insurance terminology. “We embrace the fact that 99 percent of people
don’t like insurance and that it’s overly complicated.”
This honesty carries over into their marketing as well. Their marketing embraces humor and the abysmal reputation that insurance and insurance agents generally have. “People are savvy and understand that marketing is usually a bunch of smoke and mirrors. We understand that too,” Lott explains. “At the same time, we need people
to know we exist and remain in their minds. That’s what marketing is for. Our marketing acknowledges that insurance
has a less than stellar reputation and is frustratingly complicated. That’s honest. That sets us apart.”
While you can buy insurance directly from an insurance company, Lott explains that an insurance agent with Pyron Coastal Insurance can help you pinpoint what insurance coverages you need. They want to make sure that you aren’t under- or over-insured. “It’s like having tailored clothing. We can provide you with the cheapest, off-the-shelf insurance, but we
prefer to get to know you and offer protection that fits your individual needs.”
Lott also compares insurance agents to accountants and lawyers – you could do your own taxes and defend yourself in court, but an accountant will ensure that you receive the best return, and a lawyer gives you a better chance of coming out ahead.
“The same goes for insurance,” he claims. “It’s not just all about finding the cheapest possible policy. It’s like anything else
in life: you get what you pay for, and it pays to have a professional on your side.”
Consultations and quotes are always totally free at Pyron Coastal Insurance.
Pyron Coastal Insurance
story by Victoria Snyder
     66 | August 2021 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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