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Chevron Ambassador Program
story by Lynn Lofton photos courtesy of Chevron Ambassador Program
 Students are being encouraged to enter the oil and gas industry by the Chevron Ambassador Program that kicked off in 2022. The program is for Jackson County high school students and is in its second year.
“The Chevron Ambassador Program (CAP) helps
us continue to grow our pool of local talent to meet future staffing needs by encouraging students to explore careers in operations, maintenance and engineering,” says External Affairs Representative Katarina Scott. “This program is part of our broader workforce development strategy, which also includes our partnerships with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, the Mississippi State University Engineering on the Coast program, and various initiatives to engage students in grades k through 12.”
She says the three focuses are equally popular with students depending on their interests.
“The Chevron ambassadors share presentations
with the students that discuss job requirements for
each position along with ‘day-in-the-life’ examples so students get a better idea of what the job entails,” Scott explains. “Each ambassador shares their personal story about their educational journey, work experience, what the job affords them (generally how much they make) and what they like most about their job. The students always have lots of questions and there is a good amount of interaction.”
A diverse mix of employees participates in this program with personnel at all levels from early in their careers to those who’ve worked for the company 10, 20 or more years.
The ambassadors visit students three times throughout the school year and share academic and career information so students can better understand how they can transition from high school to a Chevron career.
Chevron Pascagoula Refinery
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