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  Hurricane for our 12-piece order.
The Asian Sensation provided just the right amount of sweet and spicy, while the Hurricane delivered a whirlwind of flavors mixed together, including honey mustard, barbecue, ranch, hot sauce and brown sugar. Both Asian Sensation and Hurricane are recommended, but there is also the honey barbecue, garlic Parmesan, mild, hot and for those who like things really heated up, there
is Da Fire Man (very hot).
Most orders are for a dozen wings, not
just because they are that good (and they are that good), but because with an order of at least a dozen, a basket of crinkle-cut fries is only a buck-and-a-half extra, making it a really great deal.
We skipped the crinkle cuts, though, because we were getting our fill of fries in a more waffled way with the Waffle Fry Nachos, one of nearly a dozen appetizers on the extensive menu. This dish boasted the largest, thickest, tastiest waffle fries we have ever seen. The order usually comes piled high with chili, cheddar and queso cheeses, sour cream, jalapeños, olives, salsa and
house-made guacamole. We ordered ours without the chili, and it was still “piled high” and wonderful.
Those who enjoy traditional nachos will absolutely be in love with these. The serving basket was loaded with the crispy fries (enough for two or more), with cheesy goodness filling in all those waffle crevices. Even with the toppings, the fries held their crunch making the appetizer a definite top scorer.
The house-made guacamole was also delicious. In fact, Chef Justin Joachim and his team make just about everything in-house from sauces, relishes and dressings to the potato salad,
pizza dough and more. The restaurant and bar also use local vendors as much as possible for produce, chicken, seafood, beer and more. This extra care is what sets CONTACT’s food apart from other sports bars.
See CONTACT Sports Book, Page 20
CONTACT Sports & Race Book has a full
menu, including Waffle Fry Nachos (top, left); shrimp po-boy and house-made potato salad (top, right); fried mushrooms (above) and the pimento bacon cheeseburger with beer-battered onion rings.
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