Page 67 - Discover South Mississippi - Fall, 2023
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         story by Victoria Snyder
along the Coast.
Ever thought about flying above the water? Then
parasailing might be for you. There are companies that can take you out parasailing, or you can just watch your friends and family have a good time. If being in the air isn’t for you but a water sport sounds like fun, then jet skiing might be a better idea. There are a variety of jet ski rental facilities that also rent out other beach day items.
Wanting to spend some time in the air but amidst the trees? A zipline or ropes course might be perfect for you. Of course, if you’re afraid of heights you should avoid this, but for others this could be the perfect adrenaline-filled way to spend the day. There are a couple of options for this on the Gulf Coast, each one offering an exciting time.
The Gulf Coast also has state parks with a variety of activities for everybody in your group. Have a water lover? There’s a water park at Buccaneer State Park. Looking
for a good walk? Buccaneer and Shepard State Park
have stunning nature trails. They also have picnic areas, camping, RV parking, and more.
If you’re looking to take things slow, relax, and overall just enjoy your surroundings, there are a multitude of walking and bike paths across the Coast for you to enjoy and get some exercise. There are even groups you can join to make some new friends.
While you’re out there enjoying nature, you could also think about taking up bird watching. With over 400 native and migratory species of bird, the Coast you can look up the local birding trail to find the best spots to see these fascinating creatures.
There are things in nature for everybody in your family and friend group to do. Even the most outdoors-averse person should be able to find something they enjoy outside on the Coast – even if it’s just eating outside at a restaurant and enjoying the great weather!

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