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  Broadwater Dental
and Facial Aesthetics
Clifford Cook, D.M.D.
10437 Lamey Bridge Rd., Ste. E D’Iberville
   Dr. Clifford Cook is from St. Martin and
his family’s roots run deep in the Biloxi community. He’s been practicing in the area for 14 years. He has extensive training and knowledge, and is able to provide everything cutting edge when it comes to dentistry and aesthetics. He always looks forward to meeting his next new patient and learning their story and helping them achieve their goals.
His favorite part of the job? “I love to see
someone’s confidence increase by the work that we do,” says Dr. Cook.
Dr. Cook believes that dentistry has a negative connotation due to bad experiences or perception of a bad experience. “You don’t have to neglect yourself. Make yourself a priority and don’t let fear be a barrier,” he states. “We are here to make you comfortable and beautiful!”
For those looking to practice medicine in the
future, he recommends immersing yourself in your chosen field. While it may be what you expected, it might not be, and you have to be prepared for that.
Every patient and every case is unique, and Dr. Cook understands that and is ready to help. “We work hard to provide the most excellent care possible with the most beautiful and comfortable results.”
 114 | June 2024

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