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 Moye, who
has a long list
of professional designations and experience in counseling, feels
the rural setting is important to the well being of clients. “Our property allows clients an opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and gives them
a chance to focus on their healing. Clients get the opportunity to find healing through nature- based activities such as fishing, ropes course and trails. There is a certain beauty to being able to participate in a mindfulness exercise outdoors on our property.”
Michael Janus, who was instrumental in the facility’s development and is involved with daily operations, says, “Every member of our development team has
in one way, or another been touched by addiction. And, as we looked around, facilities to help people overcome the life-destroying consequences of drug and alcohol abuse were limited. To address this void, the team made a conscious decision to build and staff a top tier facility to help those in need receive a quality recovery program in a welcoming
environment within a nature-based setting.”
The facility has a detox unit with 12 beds, male cottages that can house up to 21 men and a female cottage for up to 14 women. Alcohol addiction, cocaine/crack addiction, meth addiction, marijuana addiction, benzodiazepine addiction and opioid/pain killer addiction are treated. Detox and residential services, as well as telehealth aftercare services, are provided utilizing various clinical treatments along with 12-step fundamentals and nature- based experiential therapy. Individual, group and family therapy are offered.
Moye says alcohol and opioid/pain killer have been the most common addictions seen at the facility. The average stay is
45 to 60 days. Licensed Professional Counselors, Master’s Level Clinicians, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors and Certified Peer Support Specialists treat the clients. Telehealth psychiatry services are also provided. The Estate
at River Bend is not affiliated with any church or other institution.
Janus says he learned through personal experiences that every life has value and every person deserves a second chance. “Everyone makes mistakes in life, and they take the form of bad decisions or actions,” he added. “Our facility helps people realize the destructive path
they are on and gives them the mental and spiritual tools to overcome their addictions. Quite honestly, we teach people how to live again and it’s so rewarding to see the positive outcomes.”
He and Moye praise the staff at The Estate at River Bend. “The staff strives to offer services that are more than just clinical — while we utilize therapeutic
modalities in our clinical services, we also work to build long lasting relationships with those we treat,” Moye said. “We believe as a staff that it’s important to help clients see that they have every opportunity and ability to live life without substances that can be fulfilling, purpose driven and meaningful.”
Janus personally relates to the clients. “Although I have not personally wrestled with addiction, I have experienced extreme lows and loss in my life,” he said. “I know that during these difficult times, it’s how you respond to the adversity
that defines you. I turned to faith, family and friends to overcome my adversity. Watching our clients wrestle with and ultimately overcome their lows with similar cornerstones, and the assistance of our staff, does connect me personally with each and every client.”
As he wrestles with recurring health issues, Janus feels it would be easy to be discouraged and at a minimum, slow down. “However, this hurdle has helped me to realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed so we need to embrace the time we have to do good things
for others,” he said. “I believe there is unfinished work for me to do and that’s what keeps me going. Making sure The Estate is successful, helping as many people as possible renew their lives, is one such goal.”
Walking Trail and Gazebo.
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