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Cheese Pupusa.
dish is then topped with cabbage, a secret- ingredient sauce, and pickled onions. And while everything about this dish is great, the plantains are the star of the show.
Still, no trip to Pupuseria Doña Blanca would be complete without a pupusas. These round patties of fried corn tortilla goodness are amazing! They are available alongside
a variety of vegetables and proteins, but
opt for the Loroco y Queso. The pupusa
is stuffed with white Honduran cheese and loroco, a Central American herb that gives dishes a natural and earthy flavor. Top with or dip into either the house tomato or green jalapeño sauce for extra flavor and a little added kick.
Flores loves that he gets to showcase his Honduran culture and love of cooking to Coastal Mississippi each day. He credits his success to his family, but also his mentor, Martin Flores, his first boss and role model who has successfully owned and operated El Saltillo on the Coast for many years.
He hopes to expand Pupuseria Doña Blanca’s presence along the Coast with the opening of more locations. What started as a humble gesture to hungry sports families has grown into a successful venture that deliciously showcases Central American cuisine at its finest. Check out Pupuseria Doña Blanca daily starting at 10 a.m. for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
 Pickled Onions.
 Baleadas Especial.
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Starter Nachos.

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