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Protecting the Planet and People
Stump N Grind LLC
story by Kelsey Sunderman-Foster
photos by Teddy Lewis and courtesy of Stump N Grind LLC
 Trees are an integral part of our environment, not only providing the air we breathe, but helping with everything from combating climate change to providing habitats for wildlife.
Vanessa Benson, owner of Stump N Grind LLC alongside her husband, Mike, knows these facts all too well. Coming from a background in real estate, she joined Mike's tree business
and pursued both careers while her passion for arboriculture bloomed. Today, she mans the helm and is not only an ISA Certified Arborist, but has attained her tree surgeon license in Mississippi and is a licensed tree arborist in Louisiana.
“I became very passionate about trees once I learned the science,” said Vanessa. “We are big into tree preservation and conserving the environment.”
In addition to the standard trimming, removal, and stump grinding services they offer, Stump N Grind specializes in preventative tree care and emergency storm work. “As vital as trees are to people and the environment, they can be equally damaging and destructive – something we see firsthand during storm season,” Vanessa says. “The work we do every day is a balance between protecting the planet and people.”
The Bensons are highly respected in the community, often recommended by clients and friends, and even municipalities themselves. “Many local permit offices send clients our
way when it comes to working with protected trees, such
as live oaks. We take great pride in being trusted with this responsibility.”
 156 | June 2023 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living
Stump N Grind LLC

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