Page 156 - South Mississippi Living - September, 2021
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 story by Gabbie Bowden photos courtesy of Christy Ryan
The Stuff That Novels Are Made Of
In the spring, frequenters of downtown Ocean Springs may have noticed a subtle change to the train-tracked beginning of Washington Avenue. Standalone gas lanterns and a red door mark The Hemingway, the new boutique hotel in town, named after and inspired by the infamous author Ernest Hemingway. After months of continued contact and legalities, owners Jessica and Joe Cloyd can officially say the Hemingway family approves of their project. “When we opened, we reached out to the Hemingway family and have been in discussions with their team about licensing and imagery,” says Joe. “We’ve just been granted a license by the family, which is an honor for us.”
156 | September 2021 | SOUTH MISSISSIPPI Living

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