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   Courtney Poole and her sister, Jennifer, are more than family. The two have been each other’s go-to shopping partners for years, but more recently, Jennifer became the inspiration behind the logo of Stella Gray Luxury Boutique.
“I always thought it would be so fun to have my own boutique,” says Poole. “I love shopping and look forward to any chance to dress up, especially after becoming a mom to my two sweet little girls, Audrey Stella and Halle Gray.”
The two girls are not only the namesakes of the store, but the inspiration behind it. “As a busy mom, driving from one practice to the next, I spent many days in my leggings and tees,” Poole said. “But as soon as I had the chance to dress up, it made me so happy. The only problem was that I had to travel outside
of Pascagoula to shop. So like most busy moms, I would shop online because it was convenient, but I soon realized that I missed the shopping experience.”
For Poole, that experience was about just taking some time for herself, enjoying the sights and sounds of her community, and seeing the smiling faces of people wanting to help you pick the perfect outfit. “I missed the experience of shopping with
friends,” she said. “I wanted to touch the clothes and feel the fabrics. I wanted to see all the colors and patterns in person, and not from a computer screen. I wanted to see how the clothes fit me, and I knew other women in my shoes probably felt the same way.”
With those women in mind, Poole set out to open her own boutique. She and her husband, Jason, began the search for
the perfect location, ultimately deciding upon 641 Delmas Avenue in Downtown Pascagoula.
“We selected this location due to the huge investment in the redevelopment of downtown by the Pascagoula Redevelopment Authority and the City of Pascagoula,” said Poole. “There are
so many new businesses, residences, and restaurants opening! Downtown Pascagoula will be unrecognizable in six months, and we are excited to be part of the finished product.”
With the building secured, it was on to Poole’s favorite part: decorating. Upon entering the building for the first time, she knew exactly what she envisioned it looking like. “The store has a luxurious feel of old Hollywood glamour. The dressing rooms are named after famous icons, so you can try your clothes on
in the Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, or Elizabeth Taylor dressing room. I wanted the boutique to be an experience.
Jennifer Haile and Courtney Poole.
December 2021 | 77
It all started with two sisters and a love of pretty things.

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