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 April Ulmer, M.D. Erica Kostmayer C.P.N.P.
 April Ulmer, M.D.
Dr. April Ulmer is a Mississippi native, born and raised in the small town
of Magee. Her parents were both teachers and instilled in her family the importance of education. Its that drive, determination, and love of science that led Dr. Ulmer to a decide to pursue medicine as a career at the age of six.
After attending medical school and completing her Pediatric GI Fellowship, this board certified physician became the first and only pediatric gastroenterologist in private practice in Mississippi. A practicing pediatric gastroenterologist for over 20 years, she opened the doors to Kids and Tummies, LLC in 2017 due to the need for a strictly child-centered gastroenterology practice on the Coast.
What Dr. Ulmer loves most about practicing is spending time with and improving the quality of life of her patients and their families. In her spare time, she is a wife to her husband, Christian, and proud mom of two amazing girls, ages 11 and 14. In addition to her work as a family woman and prominent pediatric gastroenterologist, she remains active in the community, serving on multiple boards and maintaining memberships in many community nonprofit organizations. Dr. Ulmer is also in the process of completing her first book, with publication planned for early 2023.
Erica Kostmayer, C.P.N.P.
Nurse Practitioner Erin Kostmayer chose to work in healthcare so she could help as many people as possible. Now, Kostmayer is doing what she loves by watching her patients improve and thrive on the medical therapy she and her coworkers provide them. Her second favorite part of the job is seeing children go from nervous about their visit, to relaxed and even excited to return to Kids and Tummies.
Kids and Tummies
401 Cowan Rd., Ste. B, Gulfport 228.205.0844
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