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      George Loukatos, M.D.
  The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things for AlphaCare Urgent Care. George Loukatos, M.D. and president/owner is “superbly proud of the service our staff provided during this time. It was our opportunity to make a difference in our community during a difficult time, and I feel we accomplished that goal.”
A practicing physician for 20 years, he says the pandemic changed a lot of things for his staff. “We were challenged with increased patient volumes, staffing shortage due to illness, and ever-changing billing issues with insurers, just to name a few,” he recalls. “But the biggest challenge for us was finding ways to maintain the highest quality care standards that we have set for ourselves when the system was strained well beyond its capacity.”
Loukatos is certified in internal medicine and pediatrics. For him, helping neighbors, friends, and the community as a whole has
alway been his favorite part of practicing medicine. “When I transitioned from the emergency department to the urgent care setting, I was concerned that I might not be making as big an impact on my community, but time has shown that nothing could be further from the truth,” he says.
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